Students Says:

  • "I made a lot of cool apps!"

    Michael Liu
    Mobile App
  • "It's really cool to know how to code."

    Nicholas Huang
    Intro Java
  • "The Java class really helped me a lot."

    Alex Rao
    Intro Java


Our Curriculum is designed with the student in mind. Based on their grade and computer knowledge, the curriculum is designed to allow students to have fun learning about Computer Science and Computer Programming without a steep learning curve.

Level 1 (Grade K-5)

Course # Course Name
Java01 Programming with Scratch
Java01P Advanced Scratch Project
Game01 Game Design with Minecraft
Game01P Advanced Game Design with Minecraft Project
Web01 Web Design with WordPress
Web01P Advanced Web Design with WordPress Project
App01 Intro to Mobile Apps Development
App01P Advanced Mobile Apps Development Project

Level 2 (Grade 5-12)

Course # Course Name
Java02 Introduction to Java
Java02P Introduction to Java(Project)
Web02A Web Programming (HTML&CSS)
Web02B Web Programming (Javascript)
Web02C Web Programming (Advanced Javascript)

Level 3 (Grade 8-12)

Course # Course Name
Java03 Advanced Java I
Java04 Advanced Java II
Java05 Advanced Java III
Java06 Advanced Java IV
Java Project Advanced Java Project

*Students should have knowledge of basic English and algebra.